School Uniform

Children attending Neville Bonner Primary School are asked to wear the school uniform.  We are proud of our uniform and all share in the identity it provides us as a community. The logo is very special to us, being in the shape of the island (Ukerebagh Island) on which Neville Bonner was born and featuring the symbol of the palm tree under which he was born.

Children participate in Physical Education activities (e.g. running, climbing, jumping, etc.) every day. Our uniform (shorts/skorts/track pants) design allows for all children to take an active part in this important curriculum area. We also ask that children wear shoes that are comfortable for physical activity (eg ‘runners’).

School uniforms are available from Lowes located in the Marketplace Gungahlin (in the same building as Woolworths and Kmart). Please note that Lowes is the only approved school uniform provider with the correct colour of the shirts/jackets/vests with logo. If you require financial assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Principal. If for cultural reasons you require modifications to the style of the school clothes, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal for assistance.

It is essential that all items of clothing are clearly named in wash proof/waterproof ink. Please ensure that jumpers, hats, coats, school bags, lunch boxes and drink bottles are labelled. For safety reasons we ask families not to write children’s names on the outside of school bags.

Neville Bonner Primary School Uniforms are available for purchase at:

Marketplace Gungahlin

33 Hibberson Street

Gungahlin ACT 2914

Phone: (02) 6221 6110