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Preschool sessions are every Monday, Tuesday and second Wednesday OR Thursday, Friday and every second Wednesday.  We are now accepting Preschool enrolments for the 2023 school year.

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Neville Bonner Primary School Preschool Philosophy Statement

Our philosophy has been written in partnership with educators, families and children.

Preschool Wordle

At Neville Bonner Primary School we are a community of learners.  We believe that the basis of strong community is high quality and respectful relationships.  Through curriculum we emphasise understanding the complexities of relationships, including strategies to support and promote effective ways to relate to each other.

Each of our children is special to us.  Our learning programs and pastoral care practices are designed to build on, and respond to the needs, interests and aspirations of the children.  Each child’s learning genuinely matters to us, so we make reasonable adjustments to the curriculum to take account of who we are teaching, as well as what and how we are teaching. We aim to provide rich, challenging and open-ended play-based learning experiences to engage children’s curiosity, wonder and creativity. We believe children should be encouraged and supported to take risks in everything they do.

We aim to ensure that all the children who attend our school will be given the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander histories and cultures, their significance for Australia and the impact these have had, and continue to have, on the world.

Our school is a community rich in diversity.  We greatly value the tapestry of cultures, family backgrounds and life experiences which contribute to such a dynamic and vibrant school community. We value Parents and Carers as the first educators of their children and believe working in partnership with them is essential to developing each child as a learner.

The learning programs and environment at Neville Bonner Primary School promote excellence for all children.  We expect that all children will contribute their best efforts, supported by nurturing and talented staff, and quality resources. We believe children should engage with the natural world and become responsible members of the community by protecting and caring for their school, home and local environment.