In its original design, our learning areas were located in learning neighbourhood buildings, each housing six mainstream groups. Three of the buildings also had capacity for learning support units.  In response to the large growth in enrolments over the first five years of operation, our school has extended its learning areas to include demountable learning spaces. Most of these new buildings are designed to provide flexible learning opportunities for the children.

Our sense of ‘place’ as a school is integral to our commitment to belonging and connectedness. Our school is built on the land of the Ngunnawal people, and to this land have come people from all over the world.  We have come to this land together to learn, grow, care and connect.  Our story of the importance of ‘place’ is evident in the nomenclature of our buildings which inhabit this Ngunnawal land.

The original building site has, as part of its construction, symbols that represent the Murrumbidgee River flowing through the land. This part of our school is known as the ‘River’ and forms part of the children’s play area.

The area of land where our ‘new’ buildings have been placed is known as Dyulang (Ngunnawal word for ‘mountain’).  This is higher land from which, symbolically, the ‘River’ flows. The buildings on Dyulang are named after birds and animals that inhabit mountain areas.

The buildings on the 'River' are:The buildings on the 'Mountain' are:
Nguru - Camp (Our School Hall)Yuyu - Mopoke
Nguli - Food (Our School Canteen)Binit-Binit - Night Owl
Gadi - Search for Knowledge (Our School Library)Mugga - Snake
Murrunga - Welcoming Hand (Our School Reception)Guginya - Kookaburra
Dyurra - StarsKarrugang - Magpie
Mundang - CanoeGurubun - Koala
Dyinyuk - Swan 
Gungun - Coolamon 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Learning Centre

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Learning and Cultural Centre is a favourite of the children on Neville Bonner Primary. The Centre houses our kitchen, garden and science/sustainability learning areas. The Round Room is also an important feature of the Centre – a place for quiet learning, reflection and gathering.


A number of community organisations enjoy the use of our facilities outside of our daily learning times and on weekends. Organisations interested in hiring our facilities are welcome to contact the Business Manager for further information. (Phone Reception on 61421201)