Our School

Neville Bonner Primary School is named in honour of the late Senator Neville Bonner.

School Organisation

Principal: Fran Dawning
Deputy Principal: Ian Blackwell, Sascha Colley and Melissa Brough
Business Manager: Sharon Perram

Currently, our school has an enrolment of approximately 880 students. In 2019, the school is organised into 41 learning groups:

  • 8 Preschool groups
  • 6 Kindergarten groups
  • 7 Year 1 groups
  • 6 Year 2 groups
  • 6 Year 3 groups
  • 4 Year 4 groups
  • 4 Year 5 groups
  • 3 Year 6 groups

Our staff includes:

  • Learning Group teachers
  • executive teachers
  • specialist teachers (including visual arts, library, drama, kitchen/garden, IT, physical education)
  • learning support program teacher assistants
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education assistant
  • administrative and management staff

Conceptual Draft design of our school

Conceptual Draft design of Neville Bonner School pdfsmall (95.8 KB)

Before and After School Care

Communities@Work provides Before and After School Care to Neville Bonner Primary School.

Hours of operation are: 7.00-9.00 am and 3.00-6.00 pm Monday to Friday.

For Bookings please contact our Children's Services Enrolments Team on 1300 212 273 or enrolments@commsatwork.org.

For further information please visit Communities@Work website: www.commsatwork.org