2019 Enrolments

Enrolments for all ACT Public School open on Monday 30 April. Please follow the link below to begin your enrolment.

Important Information for the Start of 2019

Monday 4 February

First day for all Kindergarten, Monday/Tuesday Preschool and new students in Years 1-6.

Kindergarten - arrive 8.45 am

Mon/Tues Preschool - arrive 9.15 am

New students Years 1 – 6 – arrive 10.00 am

Tuesday 5 February

All continuing students return.

First day of school for all children continuing on into Year 1-6. On this day all children (new and returning) and families are asked to meet on The River at 8:45 am for our traditional welcome and flag raising ceremony to mark the beginning of the new academic year.

Thursday 7 February

First day for Thursday/Friday Preschool children.

Thurs/Fri Preschool - arrive 9.15 am

Thursday 7 February

Family Fun and Community BBQ 5.30 - 7.00 pm

Tuesday 12 February

Information Evening

Mon 18 Feb-Fri

“Get To Know You" Yarns

Thursday 21 February

Parents and Citizens Association Annual General Meeting

Stationery Packs 2019

Stationery packs are pre-ordered in bulk by the school. The stationery packs contain all the necessary equipment that children will need for the year, including exercise books, pencils, textas, crayons, display folders etc. Stationery packs also include Reading Eggs (Preschool – Year 6) and Mathletics (Kindergarten – Year 6) subscriptions.

Ongoing families – please see Newsletter emailed on 20 December 2018 for payment details.

New families – further information and payment/costs will be available in your enrolment packs.

Voluntary Contributions 2019

Each year at Neville Bonner Primary School, we ask for your valuable support through our voluntary financial contribution programme. These contributions form an important part of our school budget. They assist the school to offer the best possible education and resources for all our students.

Voluntary contributions assist us to provide additional equipment, materials, educational games and opportunities for the children’s learning programme. A well-resourced and high-quality education programme is a priority for Neville Bonner Primary School and we thank you in advance for your support.

The School Board has set the Voluntary Financial Contribution for 2019 at:

$70 for each child OR $100 per family

Contributions of smaller or larger amounts, depending on your circumstances, will be gratefully accepted.  Please feel free to make your contributions in full or by instalments.

Ongoing families – please see Newsletter emailed on 20 December 2018 for contribution details.

New families – further information and contribution details will be available in your enrolment packs.

Contact during the Summer Break

Reception Office will open for 2019 on Friday 1 February (8.30 am – 4.00 pm).

If you require any further information or need to make urgent contact during the break please do not hesitate to email Fran, Principal of Neville Bonner Primary School at fran.dawning@ed.act.edu.au. Emails will be attended to from the 22 January. You can also leave a message on the Reception phone, 02 6142 1201.

2019 Playgroup

Neville Bonner Primary School will again be running playgroup sessions in 2019. Please note that Parents/Carers are required to stay with their children for the entirety of each session attended.

If you are interested in joining a 2019 Playgroup Session at Neville Bonner Primary School, please register your interest by calling Reception on 02 6142 1201.

Please see our school calendar for important events information!

What's Happening at Neville Bonner Primary School

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Year 5 Combined Band at Neville Bonner Primary School

Posted on 27 Jun 2018

Year 5 Combined Band

Help Our Worms!

Posted on 27 Jun 2018

Help our worms and help our Earth! 100kg of organic waste needed every week!

We invite you to add your own organic waste to the school worm farm. Simply bring food scraps to the bins at the end of the worm farm. We will do the rest. We only ask that NO meat is added to the organic matter. Worms are strictly vegetarian. Because our worm farm is so big it can tolerate citrus and potato peels.

You will be amazed at how much you can recycle and our worms will thank you!


Posted on 27 Jun 2018

What an honour is was to judge such extraordinary speeches at our Public Speaking School Final Competition, Rostrum. Thank you to the children who braved the stage to share with us their ideas and words – and thank you to the teachers and adults who supported the children in participating.
A big congratulations to Sohil from the Year 6/5, who was our winner on the day. Sohil impressed the judges with his audience engagement and use of humour. Sohil will represent Neville Bonner Primary School at the next round of finals.

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